Meet The Crew


Dr Miriam Ross is an international leader in the realm of 3D/Stereoscopic cinema scholarship. Since her arrival at Victoria University in 2011 Dr Ross has co-founded a website ( that provides scholarly resources and hosts articles that form an important part of an international 3D research community. Dr Ross sees potential in the opportunity to expand her research, teaching and student learning through the development of a practical 3D initiative.


Dr Paul Wolffram teaches film production at Victoria and is also an independent film producer/director. He thinks he looks pretty cool wearing these 3D glasses and saw the opportunity to wear them more through the development of the 3D Production Initiative.  In late 2012 Dr Wolffram travelled to Harvard University and the University of Indiana on a Fulbright travel grant to screen one of his recent films, present several papers, and to investigate the 3D production activities at these Universities. While in the US, Dr Wolffram was able to work with staff and students engaged in a similar project to the one proposed here.


Alex Funke, ASC, Cinematographer and Visual Effects specialist. Alex has been teaching and collaborating with staff and students at Victoria University for the last four years. Alex has a lifetime of experience working with film and video. His first effects project was Battlestar Galactica. He founded Precision Film Group in the late 1970’s, doing effects for TV and features. Later, at Las Palmas Production, he co-designed the first-ever system for pin-registered transferring of film to video. Although he is a specialist in miniatures and visual effects, he also shoots live action of all kinds. He has taught advanced cinematography courses at both UCLA (full-time faculty for two years) and Loyola University. He has been invited to give lectures on visual effects photography in Italy and Norway. Alex’s visual effects and cinematography work includes miniature work on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, effects work on The Hobbit and an impressive list of features dating back to the 1970s.

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