Links and Resources

Te Papa

For more about our partner

The Industry

3D Focus has all the latest new items about stereoscopy as well as other 3D things

3D Content Hub provides a diverse range of news items on people working in 3D


The 3D Film Archive has amazing documentation of historic 3D cinema with a good eye for new Blu-ray releases

The Illustrated 3D Movie List is a fantastic way to get an idea about a lot of the 3D cinema that has been made


Stereoscopicmedia has a list of all the books and articles published in the Humanities that relate to stereoscopy

The 3D Production Initative’s Miriam Ross keeps a blog that documents her academic thoughts on current 3D films

Stereoscopic Photography

If you would like to have fun with the New York Public Library’s stereo photographs have a look at this site

Free Books

If you would like to read about how stereographers dealt with 3D in the past have a look at

Lipton, Lenny (1982) Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema, New York:Van Nostrand Reinhold.

Sammons, Eddie (1992) The World of 3D Movies, A Delphi.


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