The 3D Production Initiative is designed as a new learning and research partnership that will involve current staff, students, Wellington independent film producers (including alumni) and Te Papa Tongarewa.

In 2013 the 3D Production Initiative will develop inclusive, hands-on learning and extracurricular teaching with a view to integrating the skills and theory gained into Film Programme classes in 2014. The project aims to expand the research and teaching potential of the theoretical and production aspects of Victoria University of Wellington’s Film Programme into the area of 3D production. 3D (stereoscopic) media has undergone a dramatic expansion in recent years and an increasing number of viewers are familiar with the audiovisual format through commercial movie-theatre screenings, 3D television, museum displays and portable media devices. As part of the Film Programme’s new interdisciplinary focus on visual culture, staff members, students and colleagues in other programmes have been investigating the way new visual technologies such as 3D media engage viewers in interactive and embodied ways. In order to fully implement this research in teaching, the 3D Production Initiative proposes the development of hands-on, face-to-face practice in 3D production.

As an initial step towards understanding the complexities of shooting in 3D we will form a working group that will operate in partnership with Te Papa and highly skilled collaborators from Weta Miniatures workshop, including three time Oscar winner, Alex Funke. Alex will lead the practical sessions as an expert in cinema production. This group will begin to create 3D images of objects from Te Papa’s collection. This project will create a resource for Te Papa while also allowing staff, students and other interested parties the opportunity to learn about the process of 3D image creation in a controlled environment. The project will be completed in December 2013 and will lead to integration with current production and theory classes already taught at Victoria.

The success of the 3D Production Initiative will result in the resources, skills and theoretical knowledge needed to introduce 3D production methodologies into our current classes and workshops.

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